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Job Shop

This presentation shows the Inherent Simplicity of managing a Job Shop, discusses the problems, solutions & approach (template) and provides examples and software demo.

Amir Schragenheim
Amir Weisenstern
45 minutes
TOC Tapped to Accelerate Gulf of Mexico Cleanup

Theory of Constraints was combined with Lean and other process methodologies during the clean up of the gulf oil spill during the summer of 2010. This presentation shows how much improvement can be generated in a very short period of time. Over $700 ...

Mark Woeppel
58 minutes
Implementing Replenishment in a Hi-Tech Environment

Teledyne Dalsa Digital Imaging shares how it went from manufacturing 1000 cameras per month with 66% on time delivery and a lead time of 10-12 weeks to producing 3600 cameras per month with the same resources with 98.3% on time delivery and 6 days le ...

Duncan Patrick
Paul Balmforth
29 minutes
TRIZ for Jonahs

This presentation focuses on the creation of an Inventive Problem Solving course that integrates the TOC Thinking Processes with TRIZ, the Russian Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. Presented during the TOCICO International Conference (Las Vegas, N ...

David Bergland
36 minutes
Conflicts as guides - for personal growth

This video shows how to use the TOC Evaporating Cloud for solving a personal conflict, and how it can work as a good focusing point towards achieving our goal and also help us get a holistic improvement in our lives.

Limor Winter-Kraemer, PhD
26 minutes

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