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Strategy & Tactics For Selling A TOC Robust Solution

Understanding the inner logic of the business-to-business sales process. Agenda includes: Profile of the right businesses, Business results premise, Buying influences, Universal buying cycle, Strategy for launching the offer, Winning the sale, and a ...

Bill Hodgdon
41 min
US Marine Corps Logistics Base

Shows the TOC implementation at the maintenance center of the US Marine Corps in Albany, Georgia USA.

US Marine Corps
6 min
Available in: English Русский
Retail the TOC Way.

Rami challenges the traditional TOC view for Retail by changing the main question of "what to replenish". The knowledge shown was developed by applying TOC to various retail environments (fashion retail, jewlery retail, catalogue retail, et ...

Rami Goldratt
62 min
Above and Beyond the Competition: A Conversation with Eli Goldratt

Dr. Goldratt presents his most significant realization on the real value in the power of TOC. The reason TOC can bring a company to become "ever flourishing" relies not on the results, but on its ability to remove the engines of disharmony.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
63 min
Answering "To what to change to?"

Dr. Goldratt explains the answer to the second question of improvement based on the Theory of Constraints.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
3 min
Available in: English Español

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