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TOC Distribution - Pushing the BOK

TOC Distribution Solution applied to a $7b international retailer and brand and to a $30m US distributor and a $9b manufacturer. Yes, the same method works equally well for both. Risk factors are concentrating on the solution over getting buy-in, t ...

Gerald Kendall
88 minutes
How to ensure success with compelling offer

This session explains the concept and strategy for the Sales Constraint Solution and how to develop and launch a compelling Offer. Presented at the TOCICO Annual Conference in Miami FL - October 2004.

Bill Hodgdon
50 minutes
It´s a Miracle!

In his keynote presentation, Dr. Ajai Kapoor talks about a critical ingredient in creating a culture of ongoing and significant improvement - the "physical change" that forces people to question their assumptions and ultimately embrace the change tha ...

Dr. Ajai Kapoor
28 minutes
目标 - 工具版


American Media Inc.
46 minutes
The basic assumptions of TOC

This session provides a look into reality based on the common sense approach of the hard sciences. Dr. Goldratt demonstrates that complex systems and conflicts are a result of our perception of reality and that by changing that perception, solutions ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
20 minutes

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