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Strategy & Tactics For Selling A TOC Robust Solution

Understanding the inner logic of the business-to-business sales process. Agenda includes: Profile of the right businesses, Business results premise, Buying influences, Universal buying cycle, Strategy for launching the offer, Winning the sale, and a ...

Bill Hodgdon
41 minutes
Project Management in a Lean World

Trying to apply Lean to a project environment has been difficult because the techniques have been more geared to the manufacturing floor. This presentation translates lean principles into workable techniques for projects.

Dee Jacob
Bob Mendenhall
69 minutes
Viable Vision

Goldratt provides an overview of the basics behind the concept of the Viable Vision process for companies to reach profitability levels its management team currently believes impossible to achieve - year after year.

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
8 minutes
Available in: English Español 简体中文
Best Marriage, TOC and Digital Technology

It is known that there are so many failure of Digitalization Project utilizing Internet of Things(IoT), Data Analytics, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence(AI). Hitachi investigated many failure case of digitalization project in manufacturing industr ...

Kaoru Watanabe
22 minutes
Viable Vision achievable in Healthcare

Dr. Wadhwa's changed the academic practice into private practice and achieved Viable Vision by following its logic without consciously knowing it. In this case study, testimonial and experience he shares how this happened.

Dr. Gary Wadhwa
22 minutes
Implementing TOC in Cash Constrained Organizations

Ravi presents a series of actions to be implemented when cash is a constraint.. He starts clearly defining the criteria to determine cash as a constraint, since having cash shortage is NOT a constraint. He uses several examples to show the immediate ...

Ravi Gilani
26 minutes

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