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Projects in Less Time

The Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) concepts are very important to project managers, yet few of them understand the possibilities for their own projects. This presentation will give concrete actions project managers can take.

Mark Woeppel
41 minutes
How to systematically tackle a supply chain

Leasons learned along the way. Presented during the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) Conference held in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2005.

Debra A. Smith
62 minutes
Leveraging TOC for Breakthrough Results in Mergers & Acquisitions

Learn how Godrej Consumer Products, a large Indian multinational, has leveraged TOC to identify potential upsides in their acquisitions to early success in their M&A integration. Dr. Sinha and Mr. Jagannath talk about how the company is using TOC sol ...

Dr. Rakesh Sinha
Radhakrishna Jagannath
47 minutes
Dealing with the nursing shortages

An overview of how the Rio Grande Valley successfully employed the concepts of TOC to increase the throughput of locally trained nurses and allied health professionals. Presented at the TOCICO Regional Conference (Tacoma, WA - June 2009).

Dominique Halaby
58 minutes

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