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Implementation of CCPM at Nationale Nederlanden - Group Life

This is a case study of a CCPM implementation at Nationale Nederlanden Group Life, the largest Insurance Company in the Netherlands. Presented during the 1st European Results Gathering of TOC Professionals sponsored by TOCICO, held in Amsterdam, Neth ...

Tom Robinson
40 min
Managing Production Priorities

In this extract from the Goldratt Strategy and Tactics for MTS to MTA, Goldratt presents and explains the strategy, tactics and corresponding assumptions for managing production priorities the TOC way. ...

Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt
17 min
Applying TOC to (government) services

This presentation shows the elements of TOC that can be applied to specific segments: public services, professional services, IT services, banking/insurance, healthcare services. Hans shows the diferences in terminology between the manufacturing and ...

Hans Steenporte
46 min
The Cash Machine

This presentation is about Sales -its functional organization and management- as a process. It provides: 1. Understanding the potential of TOC in a new area. 2. Learning how to level sales assets usage along the entire year. 3. Usage of sales data to ...

Alex Klarman
Richard Klapholz
37 min

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